About Us

The Crazy Cuban Sandwich shop was originally inspired by Kool Korners located in Midtown on State & 14th Street. The proprietors of the original Kool Korners, Mr. Ildefonso Ramirez and his wife Lucia, both lived and served the Georgia Tech and corporate community since 1985. Unfortunately, Kool Korners relocated to Birmingham during 2008.

Born in Miami and raised eating Cuban food, Aldo Ramirez, the “Crazy Cuban” has now embarked on living the dream of making the best hot pressed sandwiches in Atlanta.

Aldo and his employees are dedicated to serving Crazy customers the same quality sandwich that has been served to the Atlanta public for more than three decades.

You'll notice Ildefonso and Aldo share the same name. Though not related, both have roots in the Canary Islands and both have Cuban sandwiches running in their veins.